The Consolidation You Can Believe In And Avoid Debt Review.

If you do nothing, What will happen?

Don't leave it until it's too late!



The right thing to do is to pay your debts.....but what if you can't?

Debt is hard to ignore. 

You cannot just wish, or smile or shrug it away. It will not go away.

See the  options  that are meant to help relieve your debt burden.

The one you choose will influence the rest of your life - so make the correct choice.

Debt Review, Administration and Sequestration all end up in a court order that will lock you in for years and it will affect the rest of your life.

Read here if you wish to avoid Debt Review, Administration and Sequestration.


Why you should avoid debt review:

1. When you are in debt review you will be locked in for years.

2. Once your creditors have been notified that you are under debt review and that you are over-indebted you may not withdraw - (they are sent a 17.2 form).

3. The next step is a court order that will lock you in even further.

4. To get out of this situation the consumer (you) must approach the court to be declared not over-indebted and/or to rescind the court order. That means that you must prove it to the court. That will cost you more money too because you will have to appoint an attorney to assist you. 

5. While under debt review no one may lend you a cent.

6. You will be listed on the credit bureaus as being under debt review and that can affect your career prospects, renting property, acquiring more finance such as a house bond, vehicle finance, personal loan, credit card etc. In fact it will affect your whole life and future.

Do you have any option? Of course you do as long as you do not allow yourself to be hoodwinked.

You alternative or only other worthwhile option is DEBT MEDIATION


Debt Mediation is your best alternative to Debt Review, Administration and Sequestration.

It can help you resolve your debt load without the stigma, stress and burden of a long drawn out Debt Review.

  • No Court Orders Hampering Your Life For Years
  • No fixed Term Contracts tying you in forever
  • No Upfront Fees
  • Stop Your Creditors Harrassing You and being an absolute pain
  • Cancel whenever you feel that you can manage your debt on your own
  • You may pay into any of your accounts directly when you have spare cash
  • Give your self breathing space when the financial pressure becomes too great
  • We do not list you on any credit bureau

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We have been providing Debt Mediation services long before the National Credit Act or debt review even came into being.  Since 2002 we have helped thousands of consumers overcome their over-indebtedness without debt review. 

Go to the "Articles" page where you will find some very useful and important articles about being in debt, such as Prescription of debt; In Duplum Interest and many more.

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Here is something worth remembering.

If you receive a message from a debt collector of some sort, that you will receive 40% discount or some other ridiculous amount then you can be almost certain that that debt has been written off. Why would a bank give such a big discount? They don't do that. That debt was probably bought for peanuts and now they want to milk you.

Before you do anything else let them prove that you owe the money. How do you do that?

1. Ask for a copy of the original signed debt agreement. If they allege that you owe the money they must prove it.

2. Ask for a comprehensive statement of all payments made from the inception to date. Showing monies owing, payments made, interest etc.

3. Do not sign anything. Do not admit that you owe anything. Let them prove it. If they cannot deliver the above then there is obviously no debt.


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